Japanese Mythology.
Part 2
{ The Land Yomi }
Izanagi went to the land Yomi, to want to call back Izanami.
At there, Izanami was living in the cave.
Izanagi wished Izanami to go back to the land Takamanohara.
But, Izanami said, "I already ate foods of the land Yomi, so I'll never go out of this land.
This is an iron law of this land.
But, I prey to God of Yomi to my returning to the land Takamanohara.
So, you must wait here for a moment, and never moving."

waited for a long time, but Izanami didn't return,
Then Izanagi went into the cave.
There were Izanami lie still in death.
Her body was crawling with maggots.
Izanagi surprised and run away from the cave.
Izanami chased, "Why you are in ? You sinned against Yomi."
Izanagi said, "You died. Never return to the Land Takamanohara."
Izanami said, "All right. I kill your people 1000 every day."
Izanagi answerd," All right. I bear my people 1500 every day."
I (Fuushi) think about "the Land Yomi",where is old eastern Shimane-ken.
Because, there are many stories about Izanami.
Izanagi run away from the Land Yomi, and reached Tukushi Island (old Kyusyu Island).


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