Japanese Mythology.
Part 3

Izanagi ordered his children,
"Amaterasu you govern Day area, Tukuyomi you govern Night area, Susanou you govern Sea area."

But Susanou never governed.
He swept all day long and wanted to go to the Land Yomi.
Izanagi angered and said "Susanou, you are bad boy, you may go anywhere you want."
This pleased Susanou "I can go to the Land Yomi, and meet my Mother Izanami."

Then,Susanou visited his sister Amaterasu to say Good-bye.
But Amaterasu wondered, "My brother Susanou never governed his area,
maybe his visiting means to invade my area."
When Susanou visited his sister Amaterasu, she wore battle dress.
Susanou wondered and asked her, "Why you wear such a dress?"
Amaterasu answerd,"I heard one rumor that you want to invade my area."
Susanou surprised," No, No, I never imagin such a thing, I only want to say good-bye to you,
because I'll go to the Land Yomi."
Amaterasu asked, "Can you manifest it ?"
Susanou said, "Allright, let's exchanege your neckless and my sword. then doing Ukei."
#"Ukei" is a holy rites to prove honesty.
First, Amaterasu snap the sword in three, bite and spit them.
Then they changed three sisteres, who were Tagiri-hime, Itukishima-hime, and Takitu-hime.

Next Susanou tore the neckless, bite and spit them.
Then they changed five brothers, who were Ameno-Oshihomimi, Ameno-hohi,
Amatu-hikone, Ikutu-hikone, and Kumano-kusubi.

This Ukei means the honesty of Susanou.

Amaterasu said, "I understand, you are honest. I'll adopt your children."
Susanou said, "I'm glad of you. I'll adopt your children, too."
So they trade their children each other.
After that, Susanou became arrogantly, and doing bad things.
He laid farmland waste, sprinkled excrement on a shrine, etc.
But Amaterasu didn't blamed.
So Susanou went on more than ever.
At last, Susanou excoriated live horse and pitch it into the room of Amaterasu.
Amaterasu surprised and angered, and hid herself in the cave, called 'Ame-no-iwayado'.
And shut the cave with a rock, called 'Ame-no-iwato'.
Suddenly, the world darkened.
Gods and People in the world are all feared.
Gods gathered about the riverside, called 'Ame-no-yasu-gawara', and talked, how to call back Amaterasu.
God of wisdom named Omoikane,who is a son of God Takami-musubi, orderd to other Gods like next.

"Goddess Ishikori-dome, please make a holly millor."
"God Tama-no-ya, please make a holly jewel."
"God Ame-no-koyane and God Futodama, plese perform augury."
Then they hang the millor and the jewel on a holly tree, and placed the tree in front of Ame-no-iwayado.

God Omoikane ordered next.
"God Ame-no-tajikarao, (who is God of power), please hide youeself beside Ame-no-iwato."
"Goddess Ame-no-uzume, please dance in front of Ame-no-iwato."
"And all other Gods, please gather and enjoy dancing of Ame-no-uzume."

Then Ame-no-uzume started dancing, like a strip show.
All of Gods pretended laughing and pleasing.

In the cave, Amaterasu heard about this noise, and wondered.
Then opened Ame-no-iwato a little.
Amaterasu saw, there was beautiful Goddess.
( It was a refrection of herself .)
And found, all Gods gathered and Ame-no-uzume danced with joy.

Suddenly, Ame-no-tajikarao cathched the arms of Amaterasu, and pulled out.
The world lightened again.
After that, Gods punished Susanou, removing his beards, pulled off al his nails, confiscated treasures,
and exiled from the land Takamanohara.
Susanou meanderd alone.


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