Japanese Mythology.
Part 1
{The birth of Japan Islands}
Ancient days, Japan was called "Wa" or "Wakoku".

First God appeares, called "Ameno-minakanushi" who is considered the North Star nowadays.
Second God appeares, called "Takami-musubi"
Soon Goddess appears, called "Kami-musubi"
These three dessapeared sooner.

Then fourth God called "Umasi-ashikabi-hikoji"appers.
And then, fifth God called "Ameno-tokotachi"appears.
Next, sixth God "Kunino-tokotachi"appears.
And next, seventh God "Toyokuninushi" appears.

But these four Gods dessapeared sooner..

Now we Japanese can't know ,what is these Gods.
I (fuushi) think about "Toyokuninushi" who really existed as the first God in our country.
Sooner or later, couple Gods came one after another.
As,God"Uhijini"& Goddess"Suijini","Tunokui"& "Ikugui","Ootonoji"&"Ootonobe",
and "Omodaru"&"Aya-kashikone".
At last, "Izanagi" & "Izanami" came.

These seventeen Gods, appeared or came, who were being on the land "Takamanohara".
{The birth of Japan Islands}
Izanagi & Izanami stired the sea with the holy lance called "Ameno-nuboko".
So sea water became partly hard , then Onogoro Island be born.
Next, Awashima Island be born.

Goddess Izanami said, "I have a hole, and you have a pole, so let's join them."
So the baby named "Hiruko"be born.
but he was incompleteness, so was floated to the sea.
(There is one legend, Hiruko drifted to the north, and reached Ezo, ancient Hokkaido.)

God Izanagi said, "I have a pole, and you have a hole, so let's join them again"
So many babies be born, they are Japan Islands.

After that Izanagi & Izanami born many spirits.
Like Oo-yamazumi as spirit of mountain, Oo-wadatumi as spirits of sea, etc.
Later that Amaterasu, Tukuyomi, and Susanou was born.
Amaterasu as spirit of Sun, Tukuyomi as spirit of Moon, Susanou as A man.
At last, Kagutuchi as spirit of fire was born. So Izanami burned and disappeared.
Izanagi went into hysterics. So Izanagi killed his baby Kagutuchi with a sword.

When Kagutuchi died, she reborned as spirit of mineral.
I (Fuushi) think about Kagutuchi , she is the spirit of volcano.


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