Japanese Mythology.
Part 7

{ the crisis of Oo-Namuchi }
Yasogami angered against Oo-Namuchi, and wanted to kill him.

Oneday Yasogami went togather with Oo-Namuchi to the mountain, to hunt razorback.
And there, Yasogami ordered Oo-Namuchi,
"I'll chased razorback, and you should wait here with a bow."
and he went into the woods.
Some times ago, Yasogami shouted loudly from the woods.
"I find big red razorback, now chasing, and make it to go your side,OK?"
Oo-Namuchi answered "OK"

Soon big red one shooted from the woods, and hit up to Oo-Namuchi.
But it was not a razorback, but a fired rock.
Oo-Namuchi burned all his body.

The white rabbit saw this from the woods, and runninng hurry to the mother of Oo-Namuchi.
The mother named Sashikuni-waka-hime heard this and surprised.
Then she visited hurry to sisiter Umugai-hime and Kisagai-hime to help Oo-Namuchi.
Umugai-hime and Kisagai-hime are both Goddess of shell.
(Umugai meas clam,Kisagai means ark shell)

The sisters applied the powder of shell to Oo-Namuchi, and saved his life.
After that, Yasogami tried to kill Oo-Namuchi again.
Yasogami laid a snare in the woods, and leaded on Oo-Namuchi.
When Oo-Namuchi was caught the snare, Yasogami bowed.

Oo-Namuchi was almost died.
But his mother saved him again.
She said to Oo-Namuchi,"If you continued to be here,you'll be killed by Yasogami.
You should escape here and go to the Land Ki-no-kuni.
There lives your uncle Oo-yabiko."

Oo-namuchi escaped but Yasogami chased him.
So Oo-namuchi escaped again to the Land Ne-no-kuni,where Susanou lived.
"Oo-yabiko" is another name of "Iso-takeru", son of Susanou.
He planted out many seeds of tree,so his living area was called Ki-no-kuni, now it is considered South Wakayama-ken.
Word "Ki-no-kuni"means "woody land",and "Oo-yabiko" means "a man living in the big wooden house".

"Ne-no-kuni" is another name of "the Land Yomi".
At there,Susanou lives with his youngest daughter Suseri-hime.
(to be continued)


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