Japanese Mythology.
Part 6

{ a White Rabbit in Inaba }
Young Oo-Namuchi, once traveled with his harf brother Yasogami.
They walked along the sea shore, and go east to Inaba-country.
There lives a buautiful princess named Yagami-hime.
Yasogami wants to marry her.
Yasogami makes Oo-Namuchi to carry all his baggage.
So Oo-Namuchi carryed one big white bag on his back, and walked late behind his brother.

When Yasogami reached Keta Point, he find a wounded plucked rabbit .
The rabbit wanted to help.
Yasogami asked "How about you ?"
The rabbit answered "I once lived Oki-island over sea. One day I want to go another land.
But I can't swim, so I hitted upon.
I asked one shark, 'who is the biggest shark ?'
The shark answerd 'Oh it's me.'
Another shark passing by heard this, and said 'No, you are small, I'm biggest.'
The other shark passing by heard this, and said 'No, you are both small. I'm biggest.'
Aftter all, thousands of sharks coming gathered and quarreled each other.
I said them,'O.K. I'll measure you. Please form into a line.'
Sharks are gathered alongside.
I'm jumping on their back one after anoter, pritending to measure and going on over sea.
Almost I reaced this land, I said myself, 'I'm wise, but sharks are all fool.
I only want to go over sea. Your size are nonsense for me.'
Last shark heard this and angerd, so ......"

Yasogami said, "You are sinful rabbit, but I'll help you."
Yasogami said "You should bathes in the sea water,and lie down on a rock under the sun.
Then having a blow. So sunshine cared your hurt."
The rabbit did this. But.....

After that, Oo-Namuchi came.
The rabbit wanted to help eagerly.
Oo-Namuchi asked,"How about you?"
The rabbit talked same story about sharks, and his brother.
Oo-Namuchi heard this and said,"You are sinful rabit. Are you realized it?"
The rabbit weeped,"Yes, I'm sinner. I'll never doing such a thing."
Oo-Namuchi said,"You realized your sin. all right, I'll help you.
First, bathing in the river with clear water.
Then put on your body with cattail and lying on the grass under the shade of tree."
The rabbit did this. Soon the wound heal over.

Some days later, Yasogami reaced Inaba-country and meet with Yagami-hime.
Yasogami said " I want to marry with you."
Yagami-hime answered " I heard a story about a white rabbit.
So I want to marry with Oo-Namuchi, not you."
(to be continued)


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